Speckle Sender & Receiver


The Speckle Sender is one of the two basic Speckle components. What it does is very simple: it sends data to other Speckle Receivers.

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Hi !

I am currently new with Speckle works and trying to figure out just the basics in sending and receiving data (eventually aimed to implement this on the hololens).

I am having problems receiving the data. On the documentation (https://speckle.works/doc/senderreceiver/) the receiver component has an input param. (A). However in the latest version of the speckle works I am unable to see the input parameter, hence any data that is being sent cannot be seen on the receiver. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?


Hey @Gowtham_Mohan! It looks weird. A couple of questions: did you install the plugin from the .rhi, as documented here: https://speckle.works/blog/specklerhinoplugin/ and made sure you’ve deleted all previous speckle folders from gh’s libraries folder?

Otherwise, copy paste the stream id here and i’ll try and have a look later this eve.


Hey @dimitrie , thanks for your reply, I just reinstalled the plugin as well as re imported all the gh libraries and it started to work now. Pretty weird, but not complaining! Must have been a problem from my side.

Thanks a lot!


It’s entirely our fault. We switched some time ago to the rhino installer as de facto deployment and I didn’t have the time to update all the docs, resulting in this confusion…