Speckle Model Viewer


Any stream that’s sent through speckle can be viewed online.

That’s quite simple. Just head over to https://app.speckle.works/viewer/ and click the red plus button in the corner.

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Hi, I have some issues with ModelVeiwer. There is no Veiws, Versions and Multistream preview.


How can I fix it?


Hey Mykola! fixing is usually via a pull request with a lotta code. The viewer is outdated, though @mswaidan is working on updating it now.

I think he just merged his latest changes - so maybe if you do a git pull master in the viewer you might be better off! To add more streams, just add more stream ids to the url, separated by commas: https://s003.speckle.works/view/?ryuFyiHuz,rkf6JoHuf

and massive kudos for installing your own server and deploying stuff!