Grasshopper Setup


The releases contain both the Speckle Grasshopper Clients as well as the Speckle User Data Utils (more to come).

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One important bit that might cause trouble for previous users (pre v.0.0.1):

Speckle saves its current connections in a folder: %appdata%\roaming\SpeckleSettings. If you’re starting fresh, I would recommend deleting all the files in that folder.


Hi Dimitrie,

After following the instructions here and after hitting the “Register!” button, we’re getting an “Invalid URI” exception being thrown. Any ideas of what this could be?

Many thanks,


Managed to get around this one. I was using the deprecated repo. :man_facepalming:


I hear you. The docs need to be updated! :grimacing:
Reminder for future readers: the rhino+grasshopper repos have been consolidated into one monorepo, SpeckleRhino, which is here: