Error Loading Speckle Rhino Plugin


Did anyone run into this?


It looks like the Rhino plugin is not installed properly, or something is not right with my version of Rhino. Are there any special requirements?

Going through the Options>Plug-ins>Install gives me this:

…which is unfortunately too small/not able to expand the window to even see which DLL failed to load. Is there a log file somewhere in Rhino that I can retrieve this information?


cc: @dimitrie @luis


Ok, solved. It looks like I downloaded the x64 version of the plug-in but was attempting to load it into a 32bit Rhino. Of course. I doubt anyone uses that version of Rhino, neither do I. It was a mistake.



It’s actually more widely used than you think, but i suspect it’s mostly people just using the first shortcut they encounter! There were quite a few problems with this before…