Storing Definitions in Speckle Server


We have had ongoing internal discussions about a better way of storing grasshopper/ Dynamo Definitions, especially the ones that are linked together via Speckle. What are the communities thoughts about being able to ingest a Grasshopper definition in Speckle, that can be retrieved and shared via Speckle Nodes with similar capability in Dynamo?

This is certainly a tangent to direct data interoperability but the need to have the transport and the “send and receive” logic connected and stored seems to be relevant in schemaless enviroment like speckle.




We’ve written a proof of concept for Dynamo that does exactly that:

You can already test it from the latest version.

The nodes are stored as a flat json string, although I guess the ultimate goal would be to store them as Speckle objects…


This is great. Was imagining that this with a updated Hydra implementation you’d have a solution for long term sharing.


I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but…
.ghx files are XML. So that’s pretty easy to store, parse, convert to JSON if needed.


Yep, true, it’s definitively possible :slight_smile: that’s what @teocomi is doing there - serialising dynamo nodes into a string, then pasting that back on the other side. For sure possible for Grasshopper too.

I think though Greg @gschleusner is hinting towards a different use case, in which you basically use speckle to store a library of grasshopper definitions (or dynamo too) that you can thereafter use and distribute. It’s a very cool use case albeit for now not necessarily a priority for us, as interop and extra integrations still need to be developed…