Speckle with Google Sheets


Is anyone working to connect Speckle with Google apps? I see the Speckle-Excel install, but I’m also looking to integrate with Google Sheets.


Hello @StephTabb, after some struggles, i’ve managed to receive into a google sheet.

Base stream & query: https://hestia.speckle.works/api/streams/AldkiWxNH/objects?fields=properties.area,properties.centre.value

The process:

  1. I’m sure google sheets have an importJSON or similar function, it’s almost 2020.
  2. Nope they don’t. C’mon Google, only csv, and xml?
  3. Find this repo online that provides the functionality. Great!
  4. Copy paste the code the raw file provided into google’s script editor.
    4.a) To find the script editor, first go to your google sheet, then click on tools in the menu
    4.b) Select script editor
    4.c) Paste the code
    4.d) Save
    4.e) You can now just return to the spreadsheet!
  5. Call the now available importJSON function with your speckle url.
  6. Profit:

Hope this helps. Also, for the generic issue, i’ve added a card to our roadmap. Don’t hold your breath though, there’s quite a backlog and other noise.