Speckle Schema Builder Component Grasshopper Structural Elements Missing


Quick question here…

My Schema Builder Component for structural elements seems to be incomplete. How can I get them back?

Heya @dirksliepenbeek! Can’t answer directly, but I’ll try and ping the people who might know :slight_smile: Here we go:

@teocomi released a new Speckle 1.x version recently, are you on that? (1.8.3).

From what I’ve been following around, @nicburgers and @HughGrovesArup just had a massive upgrade on the SpeckleStructuralKit - https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleStructural/pull/21

Since we’re not really managing that kit, I can’t tell you what happened, but I’m sure the folks pinged here will let you know!

@dimitrie thanks for the quick response, yes I’m on the latest version :smiley:

There’s one quick way to try and see if it’s the latest release’s problem:

Tested it till \SpeckleStructural-… without success, any other way to test further?

Not that I know of :frowning: We’ll need to wait for @daviddekoning and/or @nicburgers to see what’s up.

Unless @teocomi has better ideeas, I’m out of them…

If those disappeared after the latest update I could suggest trying the previous stable release 1.8.24… Sorry for the hassle!

That’s a quick fix, all working now. :grinning:

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Hi @dirksliepenbeek, that’s very strange. Can you try installing the latest SpeckleStructuralSuite? https://github.com/arup-group/specklestructuralsuite-installer/releases (we released a new version last Friday, but I forgot to announce it :frowning: )

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Just installed, no success with latest version of Speckle :frowning:

ok, thanks - we’ll have a look

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@daviddekoning any luck on this? i have the same problem.

Hi @dirksliepenbeek and @Chris.Barker - I am not able to reproduce this. Have you tried re-installing the SpeckleStructuralSuite?

Hi David,

Yes have tried it, also with different versions. I am working in another Speckle version which has solved the problem.


Reverting to the previous version of speckle solved the problem for me too.

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Hi - reporting the same issue here with Speckle 1.8.31

Hi @AndrewBlackie - did you reinstall SpeckleStructuralInstaller after upgrading the Speckle client installer?

Hi David, I’ve haven’t had a chance to try that yet as I’m on a deadline at the moment - I reverted to a previous version in the mean time. Once I have some free time I’ll try upgrading again and report back.