Speckle final user uploads


Hello , i’m very new to speckle and I’m wondering if there’s any feature in speckle or external procedure to let the final user upload a file like a mesh( obj,stl,ply) , image or sound , with grasshoper transform those files and send them back to the speckle viewer for end user customization.
thanks for your time !!


if not it would be a very exciting feature!:crazy_face:


I’m going to repost here Anthony’s reply to you on the slack channel!

Anthony Buckley-Thorp [1:30 AM]
regarding user question above - there was a FLUX file uploader app that accepted json, obj, dwg and maybe more (from memory)
the repo is here: https://github.com/flux-labs/flux-uploader

probably wouldn’t require much modification to wire it up to speckle instead
there is a bunch of other experiments at https://github.com/flux-labs that may have useful components for Speckle experiments / apps

most of these were created during internal company hackathons (edited)

So if you’re feeling like some :muscle:coding, go ahead! All this sounds doable to me, but can be a lot of work!