Speckle Blog / xUnitRevit: a test runner for Revit

Unit tests are one of those things in life that you try to avoid for as long as you can but, eventually, you surrender to and start to accept. With the release of Speckle 2.0 we're aiming at >90% test coverage, and we are doing everything we can to get there. This is why we developed a set of open source tools to help us run unit tests inside Revit.

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Yay, we got comments now :slight_smile:

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Great stuff. There and back again :smiley:

Very nice stuff, thank you! Will do some testing with this in the future. For now, one very minor comment: several links in the blog are not working because they contain an h to much in the beginning (so hhttps instead of https).


Thanks for reporting! Guess that was a find and replace fail on my end :slight_smile: fixed!