Rhino 5 (64 Bits)


Does Speckle Works work on Rhino 5 (64 Bits)?

I installed it but no buttons appear in the Rhino UI

Thank You


We’ve unfortunately stopped supporting rhino 5, as it was too much effort to test properly, and was thus causing more trouble than it was worth.

You can try though - no guarantee of what happens - to use the .rhi file provided here. The panel probably won’t show up automatically, but there should be a SpecklePanel command that toggles it.


Dear Dimitrie,

Thank you for your reply.

Any chance there is an older unsupported version to play with? Or it just won’t work?


Did you try this out?


yep but it won’t work. Thank you anyway!


Argh. Sorry :confused: you might get away with an older release, but there have been some changes and I don’t recommend it…