Installing Speckle on Mac

Is it possible to install Speckle on Mac, and if so how would you do this?

I know that there was already a question about this a few days ago for the GH plugins, but would I be able to install the Speckle core and then work with the Python API in grasshopper somehow?

Hi! As @teocomi confirmed in feed you referenced, the current version of Speckle is not Mac compatible. That being said, we are currently developing 2.0 and I can confirm the Core of speckle should work cross platform without trouble, as it is build for NetStandard2.0.

There is still quite a way ahead before we can show you some results on this, but we’ll keep the community updated!!


Exactly what @AlanRynne said, you should be able to use Core 1.x as long as you don’t need to call the Account Manager as it’s built in WPF and won’t work in MacOs…
Likewise, you should be able to run the Python SDK! Although I haven’t tried…

Any further questions just shoot!

To follow up: Core 1.x is already .NET standard, so it should work fine on OSX with some caveats. I’ve seen people referencing it directly using IronPyton in Gh - not sure what the success rate there is, but it’s worth a try.

The 1.x python SDK has been used quite a bit, and should be totally cross platform! @TomSvilans developed it for the Blender plugin, and that’s recently got some fixes to work nicely on Linux systems too.

Disclaimer: @teocomi knows some pyton, I can’t even declare a variable in it, and our resident expert @izzylys has converted to building PC. So any feedback in this regard will help us a lot!