Deploying a Speckle Server


Hello @SigveMartin! unfortunately, http does not come out of the box :frowning: It could, but then I would need to assume that you have a (sub)domain name ready that points to your IP in order to be able to automate these things with an nginx image and letsencrypt.

If you need one, just drop me a line and can try authoring one at *, which is unused at the moment.


Hi guys,

I’m testing Speckle and trying to set up an Ubuntu server for it. This is my first post here, please let me know if my question is too long (or broad/generic!), in case I will make a separate thread and try to be more specific.

I followed the Speckle-Server instructions on GitHub (“Deploying on Debian-based OSes”).
However I now find myself stuck, as the WebAPI seems to work, but I cannot connect to the main page of Speckle, nor use the server to register.

If I try to browser access the server at http//serverAddress:port/api/v1, the browser nicely responds with a JSON.

If I try to register through the GH plugin, I get a “failed to contact http//serverAddress:port/api/v1”


Finally, if I try to access the “root” HTTP address, the answer is a generic “Cannot /GET.”

I guess this last answer could be by design – I was trying to understand if I can access to the main Speckle “landing page” from this address.

My questions are then:

  1. Could anyone confirm that if I try to reach the address http //myserveraddress:port/ I should get to a sort of “Speckle landing page” such as the one in this image:

  2. Has anyone any thoughts on this issue? I’ve been hitting my head on this for a while. Mongo, redis and node seems all running nicely on the Linux server.



Hello @Alessio_Lombardi! There have been some changes in the server, and I haven’t had the time to refresh the docs about it.

I figured it from your screenshot: no https but http. Things will work then in the plugins. Longer story: to have SSL going you’ll need a domain name, a reverse proxy and and a letsencrypt (or other) certificate. These things are usually best left to the IT department to set up, and vary differently on deployment scenarios, so there’s no guide for them. Though maybe a simple something could be written.

Regarding the landing page, we’ve recently switched to a plugin system and removed the npm dependencies on the speckle frontend packages, as that was an extra hassle to maintain. You now need to install them manually:

cd your_speckle_app_folder
cd plugins
git clone # this is for the admin ui, will be served from the root
git clone # for the viewer, will be served from /view

To be sure you’ve got everyhting going ok, it is recommended that you build the plugins too after you clone them. This would mean running:

npm install
npm run build

In each of their folders. In theory (if i did my job correctly) it should not be necessary though.

After the above, you will need to restart the server so that the plugins get picked up!


This is great, thank you so much. Up and running now!
Speckle is great. I’ll keep playing around with it to understand it better, also code-wise.
Thank you!