Deploying a Speckle Server


Please note: this is a quite insecure way of deploying the speckle server. It is, nevertheless, fast and gives a quick satisfaction :) You can follow this tutorial for a local install just as well; just skip to part 3 (install mongo).

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This post needs some serious updating!


Deployed one yesterday with docker - much easier!


What troubles (if any) were there Matthew? Or was it really just a matter of actually following the instructions in the repo? Would be surprised!


This looks like a gorgeous project so I’m giving it a try. I installed SpeckleServer on a Debian Sid machine, and I did the following steps, might be useful to someone else:

  1. install mongodb and redis server: sudo apt-get install mongodb redis
  2. Since I don’t want to have both the redis and mongo servers running all the time (I’m just testing for now), I disabled both startup scripts:sudo systemctl disable mongodb and sudo systemctl disable redis-server
  3. Clone SpeckleServer: git clone
  4. Edit config.js and adjust the mongo url line: url: process.env.MONGODB_URI || process.env.MONGO_URI || 'mongodb://localhost:27017/speckle' and the redis url line: url: process.env.REDIS_URL || 'redis://localhost:6379'
  5. Stop both mongo and redis processes that were started by apt-get: sudo systemctl stop mongodb and sudo systemctl stop redis-server
  6. Start mongo: mongodb --dbpath /path/to/some/folder (create a folder somewhere to store the db)
  7. Start redis: redis-server
  8. Start Speckle: node server.js

Any problem, test the mongodb connection by running mongo and the redis server by running redis-cli


@yorik, nice - thanks for the detailed instructions! if you feel brave enough, you can do a pr with those lines for the readme of the server repo, would be good reference for future self-hosting astronauts! (


I am brave enough :wink: Will do!
I’ll have more questions soon, will join the slack channel…