Community Standup🌟

Hello everyone :wave:

It’s been great seeing people’s introductions on the intro thread and getting little hints about the cool stuff people are working on. We’ve got quite the group of hackers and devs here working on all sorts of interesting projects and I think there’d be value in starting some conversations around them!

We think it’d be pretty cool to get together (virtually!) on a semi-regular basis to talk about what we’re all working on and toss ideas around. would there be any interest in an open community standup? Nothing fancy or formal - just a casual group call for anyone who wants to drop in for a nerdy chat :robot:

We’re thinking of trying it out sometime next week and just seeing how it goes. If you’d be keen (or not :stuck_out_tongue:) discuss below! we’ve also set up a doodle poll to see what people’s availability is like.

TL;DR: Fill out the doodle poll here:


Okay, and we have a winner: Weds, 16th of September, 2020 @ 6pm. Here’s a calendar link if anyone else wants to join:



(not sure how things work with these, but feel free to shout if trouble).


pew pew, the gcal link doesn’t want to play. Is there a better way to join?

here’s the link to just the call:

not sure how to do the gcal link :sweat_smile:


Quick reminder: our first community standup is in just 1h! :scream: :star_struck: :thinking_face:
Link is above :point_up_2:.


  • introductions
  • quick overview of what we’re working on (Speckle team and contributors)
  • ask us anything!

Chat soon!


And it’s a wrap up!

Speckle GIF-downsized_large

Thanks to @izzylys, @teocomi, @pauldotnet, @pablothedolphin, @antoine, @pathespe, @mishaelnuh, @daviddekoning & @TomSvilans for joining and providing nice banter. For those who missed it, we’ve covered various stuff - but no fixed agenda, and it was mostly nice to see each other in one place!

  • 2.0 transitions
  • GraphQL :dancer:t4:
  • Current dev efforts in Arup
  • Some vague promises about a 2.0 :snake:python client
  • Personal stories, trials and tribulations
  • We made quite a bit of fun of each other

We’ll do this again. Most likely monthly, and we’ll give the shout here.


#bestia for 2.0 demo server!


Will there be a second round of this sometime? Wasn’t actively following the threads but would love to listen in at some point :slight_smile:

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Yep! As Dim hinted, we’re likely gonna make this a monthly-ish thing. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

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Hello again @Community!

Get ready for community standup part :v:

We’ve decided on Wednesday 28 October :jack_o_lantern: – get your spooky outfits ready! We need your help deciding on a time. Please fill out the poll below to let us know when works best for you :alarm_clock:

  • 09:00 BST
  • 14:00 BST
  • 19:00 BST

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Hey @Community!

The poll is now closed and our next standup will be tomorrow Wednesday 28 October at 14:00 UK time (2020-10-28T14:00:00Z)

We’ll be hanging out and showing off some early connectors alphas that we’ve been working on :confetti_ball: Feel free to ask / DM any questions or discussion topics you’d like to bring up! And we’d also be keen to hear about what you guys have been hacking at and receive any feedback you might have on the other alphas :hugs:

Here is a link to create a calendar event:

And here is the google meet link for the call if you just want that:

Hope to see ya’ll tomorrow :tada: